Apple has produced ten generations of iPhone models with iOS operating system until now. There are currently fifteen main types of iPhones available. In 2016, Apple announced the iPhone 7 and 7 plus which actually look more or less exactly like the iPhone 6 and 6 plus from 2014. But with the introduction of iphone 7, Apple has developed a new set of wireless headphones, water resistance, improved system and graphics performance. What's entirely new is the iPhone's water resistance, which means you can use the iPhone 7 and 7 plus in wet conditions.

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Apple released five main iPad models (iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro) until now. All in all, there are 61 different kinds of iPad. You will be able to compare the prices, features, screen size, speed battery life, portability and more to help you decide which Ipad is best for you. But first of all, you should know what you need from an Ipad. At the same time, if you have an iPad and want to figure out what kind of iPad you have, you can learn it checking its model number on the back of the case or in Settings and then matching it up to the model numbers listed in iPads page.

By the way, please note that Apple changed the prices and storage capacity options of many of its iPads. While storage went up to at least 32GB, meaning no more 16GB iPads are on sale, many of the prices also increased. So which iPad is best for you? Read more.


The MacBook is a brand of notebook computers manufactured by Apple. Apple's MacBook line currently comprises three different model categories: the MacBook, MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro. You will be able to get information about your own Macbook and compare the prices, features, screen size, speed battery life, portability and more to decide which MacBook is best for you.

As a summary, MacBook is ideal for managers and travelers for those who want the lightest Mac, MacBook Air is ideal for those who want more affordable price and portable and MacBook Pro is for professionals who need more power, memory, storage and for whom price is not an issue.

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Fixing Iphones and Ipads

You dropped your iPhone or iPad and the screen got cracked or shattered, and you don’t know what to do. Apple will fix your cracked screen or any other hardware problems. However, make sure that it will be very expensive for you, even if your warranty period still goes on as accidental damage isn't covered by the standard warranty But don’t let it completely ruin your day. While some hardware problems can not be easly fixed, many can be fixed for cheaper with the right tools and a little know-how. The other available option is that you can get your device fixed by any repairing/fixing website. You will find useful guidelines for your Apple device in this website. Read more.

Unlocking Iphones and Ipads

As iPhone and iPad devices are very expensive, some people prefer to buy a second hand device. Also it is well-known that security is an important priority for Apple. To avoid wasting your money, before buying a used iPhone and iPad, make sure that the icloud is unlocked and if you want to use that device with a different network, also make sure that it is not locked to any network. Another software problem is; if you enter your passcode wrongly several times, your Apple device may be disabled.

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Numerous Iphone and Ipad Accessories

From cases to wireless headphones, the world of Apple accessories keeps growing. To provide the most fun and satisfaction from your iphone and ipad with wonderful and fashionable accessories, we present hundreds of iphone and ipad accessories. These accessories will give so many capabilties to your Apple device. Read more.

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